Property Investment Loan – Loan Approval Without Income Proof


Did you ever get wrinkles on your forehead when you heard the long list of documents which you need, to get a normal property investment loan, or an ordinary mortgage? Well this underwriting work, and the lengthy processing, the extreme level of verification’s are all tiring enough naturally, and even after that the approval is a chance factor. However all of these hassles have been ruled out with the emergence of the loan for investment property brought forward by some of the best mortgage lenders in the US like the

Get rid from underwriting and lengthy paperwork

Often the paperwork and the lengthy verification are not just the reasons for you to back off from the loan application. However badly you needed refinance or a mortgage, yet you were once declined by many finance companies due to lack of one or all of the three important papers. They are:

An income proof

Salary slip

Income tax return paper

But now you can get a loan for investment property in easy terms without any of these papers.

The investment property mortgage system

The investment property loans are designed mainly to remove limitation of the small entrepreneurs, retired persons and self employed persons, who can’t provide a proof of income and often an income tax return paper too. However they also can have a steady or good earning to pay back the loan in time and that is why, while safeguarding the interests of them, the stated income mortgages came into action.

Property Investment Loan

What are the benefits of the investment property mortgage program?

The benefits of the stated income loans for investment property are as follows:

You can get a mortgage or refinance approved in just 72 hours

The investment properties loans do not get approved depending on verification. Rather no verification is done at all and it’s approved based on the stated income you mention.

You need not submit proof of income or proof of IT return

You can get a loan with a FICO score of 600

You can get a loan of 3 million dollars

You can apply for a minimum loan amount of $125000

Naturally these many benefits are too good for the retired, self employed and entrepreneurs to apply for a refinance or easy mortgage while not caring for the lengthy ordinary mortgage application process. Now that you have the power to get a loan for investment property without lengthy paperwork, income proof, IT file, and verification.

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